Intech made co-development alliance with Twi to enter niche inhaler market of US. 2017/04/26

Intech got the permission of clinical trials for its asthma product Duasma in China. 2016/10/26

Intech got the preliminary approval and will submit the application of final approval for listing on OTC stock market soon. 2016/09/09

Intech has submitted its application for IPO, and triggered its multinational clinical trials and international business development. 2016/04/29

Intech new plant accelerates the pace and expands the capacity to fulfill the international market demand. 2015/12/23

Intech signed the license and supply agreement with China Resources Saike Pharmaceutical, both companies will form an alliance and seize the niche market. 2015/12/02

Intech iLEF MDI platform is praised widely and will move quickly in China market. 2015/10/22

Intech got the qualification report of sample testing for Duasma, an inhaler product treating Asthma, and accelerate the market expansion in Taiwan and China. 2015/09/21

Intech got the license of Duasma, an inhaler product treating Asthma, in Hong Kong and accelerate the market expansion in the area of Greater China. 2015/05/11

Intech has launched a reliever drug of asthma Synvent in Taiwan and targets the 2.6 billion global market in the future. 2015/04/07

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