In 2017 The MDI & DPI inhalation plant in compliance with the requirements of EU/US has been completed and started the bio-batch production.

In 2016 The capital of the company was increased to 700 million NTD,and got the approval of MOEA to IPO through the pathway of technical enterprise.

In 2014 A China patent was obtained for the「inhalable composition of compound prescription against asthma」; the capital was increased to 550 million NTD, among which Synmosa holds 50% of the total stock. With plans to issue and register emerging stocks in the middle of the year; Intech Biopharm moved from the rented biotechnology R&D lab at DCB to the newly purchased experimental office, bringing in more talents to accelerate development.

In 2013 Intech Biopharm was awarded the certificate for biopharmaceutical medicine development as approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs; Duasma obtained the silver medal for pharmaceutical technology R&D, issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and Ministry of Economic Affairs; Duasma and Synvent obtained the pharmaceutical certificates in Taiwan, and the products of Duasma go onto the market soon after. A China patent was obtained for the「MDI counter」, and a Taiwan patent was obtained for the manufacturing formula for metered dosage inhaler used against respiratory diseases; in the same year, we began to have external investments.

In 2012 「MDI counter」achieved the USP.

In 2010 Intech Biopharm was builded as Synmosa’s subsidiary, with fund continue provided by Synmosa to support R&D.

In 2007 Synmosa established the second R&D center for HFA MDI, focusing on research related to inhaler techniques, and changed the CFC MDI production line, purchased from Boehringer pharmaceutical factory, into HFA MDI production line that meets environmental protection standards.