DPI Production Line

Our DPI Production Line is comprised of Dutch and German machines of the highest precision and accuracy. The temperature controlled high shear mixer, the extremely precise dosing blister line, as well as the automated device assembly line is able to produce DPI of the highest quality and standard.

DPI High Shear Mixer

The Dutch made high shear mixer using specially design and constructed mixing blades to achieve complete mixing for very small amount of API in large amount of excipients.

Fully Automated DPI dozing and blister Line

Our DPI Dozing and Blister Line is the most advanced and precise of its kind in the world. The machine is able to dose each blister with 10mg of DPI at very high speed. The patented membrane dosing technology allows the machine to dispense each dose with extremely accuracy in every blister.

DPI Device Pre-assembly Line

At Intech, we are able to fully assemble our own DPI device in house. The DPI Device Pre-assembly Line allows us to assemble high complex DPI devices at high speed, as well as fully inspect each assembled device.

DPI Device Coiling Line

After our device as well as our blisters are complete, the coiling machine brings the two components together for final assemble to complete the DPI device. Each finished device is automatically checked for its contents as well as the functionality of each components.