Intech Biopharm focus on new dosage, new combination, new delivery and high barrier generic drug development and manufacturing for respiratory therapy area.  We are currently one of the leading companies, and the only one in Taiwan, that can provide and manufacture high barrier obstructive airway diseases drug and our competitive advantage are as follow:
iLEF platform: It has a low-alcohol formulation (iLEF) platform with advantages of less excipient used, good content uniformity, good stability etc. Patent has been granted for manufacturing method by Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) of Taiwan and Singapore. The patent number is I399202 and SG2014011597B respectively.
HFA MDI platform: Intech Biopharm possesses specialized technology on manufacturing HFA metered dose inhaler (HFA MDI). Based on this technology (iLEF platform), drug suspension is released in tiny particles through actuators (mouthpiece) and later inhaled into the lung, by which local inflammation or other relevant diseases can be treated.
DPI platform: Intech Biopharm have its own formulation knowledge and self development device for DPI inhalation product.
Analytical facility: Not only the analytical equipment for traditional drug analysis, Intech also invest the equipment for analysis equipment for MDI and DPI products.
Qualified Manufacturing site: the manufacturing facilities in Hsinchu is at the high level as PIC/S and US FDA GMP standard
Regulatory Affairs and Clinical: Intech Biopharm already got approvals in Taiwan and some countries in the great China and is going to submit to EU and US. We are experienced in designing and executing cost-effective global scope clinical study and currently one of the study is proceeding.

Intech possess a self-develop unique formulation platform with low alcohol formulation (iLEF), which shows superiority in the following aspects:

1.Excellent content uniformity shown in product quality.

2.Good stability results are shown in stability test.

3.Less excipient used represent fewer burdens to patients.

4.Taste friendly which may results in good patient compliance.

5.Easy to achieve proper particle size as desired.

Intech Biopharm is recently submitting various patents both in Taiwan and abroad, in terms of pharmaceutical components, manufacturing procedure, device and new ingredients. Patents are granted as follows: